Turned bearings can be manufactured with tighter tolerances than wrapped thin walled bearings. The tolerance can be adapted to the needs of the construction. Therefore it is possible to reach the clearance which is wanted.
Turned bearings are always manufactured according to customer drawings. Therefore the bearing can be designed to meet the needs of the specific construction. The design of lubrication grooves, quantity of the lubrication holes, tolerances and chamfering can be manufactured according to customer needs.
Turned bearings from copper alloys are aimed to be additionally lubricated. The need of the additional lubrication depends on the bearing material and the general conditions of the bearing solution. The design of the lubrication grooves, the choice of the lubricate and the general conditions of the bearing solution affect how the additional lubrication should be arranged. With the right material and design can also turned bearings be used with quite a long lubrication intervals.