KX is a 3-layer bearing, wrapped of steel-sheets with a layer of POM. The standard bearing is fitted with lubrication indents on the running surface. These lubrication indents serve as lubrication reservoirs and are aimed to be filled with grease before mounting the shaft. KX-bearing is a boundary lubricated bearing which is especially suitable for constructions, where medium loads and relatively slow rotating or oscillating movements are occurring. The thin layer, which constitute the running surface of the bearing, ought to be well protected to avoid mounting damages and also for heating from e.g. welding. Additional lubrication ought to be done through the shafts or radial through the housings. All customary greases can be used, but greases with additives of graphite or molybdenum-disulphide must be avoided. KX- bearings need in most of cases very little additional lubrication.
- Suitable for rotating and oscillating movements.
- Can be used where effective lubrication does not exist.
- Low friction even without lubrication.
- Good resistance to most common mediums.
- Wide range of stock hold standard dimensions.
- Many possible applications.
- Stainless steeel backing.
- Bronze backing.
- Without lubrication indents.
- Flat or spherical thrust washers.
- Other positions of tolerance.
- Drawing details.
- Hydraulic cranes.
- Tail lifts.
- Textile machines.
- Hydraulic cylinders.
- Pneumatic cylinders.
- Agricultural machines.