Bimetallic thin-walled bearing shells with CuPb slide layer are designed or hydrodynamic lubrication conditions and are suitable for static and dynamic load.
  A bimetallic strip with B22 and B30 lining is used for their production. The steel base is surfaced with the lining via powder metallurgy process and then compacted by rolling.
  The uniform structure is a guarantee of the high efficiency and good slide behaviour in the boundary friction, too. These bearings have on the functional surface the thin layer of PbSn9 or PbSn9Cu2 with thickness ranging in size from 0,01 mm to 0,03 mm which layer provides a protection against damage and improves the corrosion resistance.
  No surface hardening of the pin is applied. The slide material CuPb22Sn4 having the higher dynamic efficiency is used in high load conditions. They are designed as a finished assembly unit with defined bearing play and are ready to assemble.
  Slide bearings B22 and B30 are manufactured for pins ranging in size from 20 mm to 300 mm. Due to their good slide behaviour they are used as a main and connecting rod bearings for combustion engines and as the bearings for machine tools.